Hyundai Rewards Is Ending On December 30, 2018. See Program Rules for details.

Hyundai Rewards Rules

General Conditions
The Hyundai Rewards program (the “Program”) is sponsored by Hyundai Motor America and the participating Hyundai dealers. The Program includes earning components at participating local Hyundai dealers (the “Dealers”), online though the Hyundai Rewards Online Mall (the “Mall”), and through Hyundai Motor America-sponsored promotions. The redemption component is solely for the purposes of discounts off of vehicle service or new vehicle purchase transactions.

Program Status
The Hyundai Rewards program will be terminated on December 30, 2018. The dates outlaid in this section are to assist Members in using their Rewards Points prior to the Program ending. September 28, 2018 was the final date for Members to earn points for dealer service, online shopping, or goodwill. There will be no further points earned after this date. September 28, 2018 was the final date of enrollment. There will be no additional enrollments after this date. October 31, 2018 will be the final date for Members to create new vouchers for redemption at a dealer. There will be no further voucher creation after this date. On November 1, 2018, any Member Points not used in a voucher will be expired regardless of other expiration rules. December 30, 2018 will be the final date for Members to redeem vouchers at a dealer. On December 31, 2018, all Member Points will be expired regardless of other expiration rules. Members may contact Hyundai Customer Care with questions or concerns at or (800) 633-5151.

The currency for the Program is Hyundai Rewards Points (the “Points”). One Point is equal to $.01 USD in the Program. Points can be earned only at participating Dealerships, through eligible purchases on the Mall, and through Hyundai Motor America-sponsored and approved promotions. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Members do not own or have any claim to Points earned through the Program.

Membership Eligibility
Membership enrollment is closed.

Membership in the Program is open to residents of the United States who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Enrolling in the Program is voluntary and is to be completed by the enrolling member (the “Member”) by going online to and clicking on the Rewards link under the CARING FOR YOUR CAR footer. To enroll in the Program, a member must first register and/or hold membership on There are no fees to enroll or participate in the Program. Membership in the Program is considered void where prohibited by law.

A Member may have up to four (4) Hyundai vehicles enrolled in the Program at one time. A unique Hyundai vehicle is distinguished by its Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”). Members are to register only Hyundai vehicles that they or members of the same household own. Members are free to change their current enrolled vehicles at any point by making changes to their account online. A Hyundai vehicle may not be registered to more than one Member at one time. Both new and pre-owned Hyundai models are eligible to be enrolled in the Program, provided that the Member or a member of the household owns the vehicle.

Multiple Members sharing the same household address can have individual memberships in the Program. The same Hyundai vehicle cannot be registered twice to separate Members, whether in the same household or otherwise.

Membership in the Program is not open to organizations / corporations, fleets, or other legal entities. Hyundai Motor America and its Dealers are not liable or responsible for disputes regarding the availability or eligibility to redeem points from an account towards a discount off service or new vehicle purchase.

Hyundai Rewards point earning capabilities have ceased as of September 29, 2018.

After enrolling in the Hyundai Rewards Program, Members are eligible to earn Hyundai Rewards Points. There is no maximum to the amount of Points that a Member can accrue over time.

Points can be earned through servicing your enrolled Hyundai vehicle at a participating Dealership. Service visits at participating Dealerships earn five percent (5%) of the final customer pay amount up to 10,000 points per transaction. The maximum single transaction earning amount is 10,000 points. There is no limit to the maximum amount of Points a Member can earn per day or accrue over time through multiple transactions. No discount is applied at the time of payment; the five percent (5%) is applied to the Member’s account after the transaction occurs and is eligible to be redeemed only for future transactions. Points earned from the Dealer will not be reflected in the Member’s account until the transaction is processed by the Dealer, which may take up to sixty (60) days. Points can be earned by Members at any participating Dealer. Participating Dealers may, in their sole discretion, offer additional bonuses and earning opportunities on top of the five percent (5%) base earning. Members should consult with their participating Dealer regarding the specific terms of these additional offers. Members will not earn Points for vehicle purchases, down payments, lease payments, financing payments, and other such instances outside of the service visit. Members will not earn Points for services where warranty, goodwill, or other complimentary services are offered. Members will not earn Points for any other deductions to the amount directly paid, applicable taxes and/or fees, or other charges determined by Hyundai Motor America. Members will not earn Points for any amount of a transaction where Points are being redeemed; only the final customer payment amount will be eligible for Points earning, if any. If the amount the Member pays changes after the transaction, the points total will be adjusted to reflect that change.

Points can also be earned through the Hyundai Rewards Online Mall. To earn Points through the Mall, Members must first log in to, go to Hyundai Rewards, visit the Mall, click a merchant to shop at, and complete a transaction on the merchant website. Members will only receive Points for eligible purchases that are made through the Mall. Points will not be earned on purchases that are made when a member goes directly to the merchant site. Additional restrictions may apply to individual merchants regarding eligible purchases / products and may exclude or limit Points earned. The amount of Points earned varies by merchant partners and may change over time. Offers, earning amounts, and merchants are subject to change at any time without notice. The Points earned are based on the net purchase price, generally excluding taxes and shipping and handling, as well as any special services such as gift wrapping. Points earned from the Mall will not be reflected in the Member’s account until the transaction is processed by merchant, which can take up to sixty (60) days or more depending on the type of transaction. In general, Members will not earn Points for portions of the purchase that are paid with coupons or gift certificates. Some merchants will not consider a purchase to be eligible if the Member has also taken advantage of a separate promotional offer not listed in the Mall. Due to specific mobile device configurations and/or merchant website tracking limitations, purchases made online through a merchant link may not be tracked to earn Points. Cookie blocking, private browsing, use of non-supported browsers, and other actions may prevent Members from earning Points. Purchases must be completed online; any purchases made at a physical store location or by telephone will not be considered eligible and will not earn points. Any returned, voided, or cancelled transactions made through the Mall on a merchant site will result in Points being removed from the Member account.

Points can be earned through Hyundai Motor America-sponsored promotions. The details of these promotions will be made available when the promotion is launched publically. These promotions may be limited to specific dealers, regions, services, or other interactions as Hyundai Motor America chooses and may have additional restrictions on redemption, expiration, and other aspects.

Point redemption ability will end after October 31, 2018.

Members are eligible to redeem their Points at the participating Dealer from which they were earned for previous qualifying service visits. Points earned through the Mall or through Hyundai Motor America can be redeemed at any participating Dealer in the U.S. Points can be redeemed for a service visit that occurs after the one in which the points were earned or for the purchase or lease of a new Hyundai vehicle. Points will be distributed proportionately to the overall percentage split of points the Member has earned from Dealership, Mall, and other channels.

The minimum amount of Points that can be redeemed per transaction is five hundred (500). There is no maximum to the amount of earned Points that can be redeemed in a single transaction, pending the Member’s account has sufficient available Points.

The component for redeeming points is through the creation of a Hyundai Rewards Redemption Voucher (the “Voucher”). A Voucher is created by visiting the Hyundai Rewards section of, selecting the participating Dealer to redeem the Points, and entering the amount of Points to be redeemed. The Member will then bring the Voucher to the Dealer for redemption. In the event that a Member generates a Voucher in excess of the actual total required for a Dealer transaction, excess Points will not be credited back to their account and the Points will be forfeited. Non-redeemed Vouchers expire sixty (60) days after the date of their creation. A Member may cancel an existing Voucher or create a new Voucher at any time by visiting the Hyundai Rewards section of Upon creation of a Voucher, the Points are at that time placed into a pending status. Points in a pending status are not eligible to be used in the creation of additional Vouchers. Points are removed from a pending status when a Member redeems the Voucher, the Member cancels the Voucher, the Voucher expires, the Points expire, or when the Account is closed. Adjustments to Member Point balances may occur at any time without notice. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Points have no cash value.

Points Expiration & Account Termination
All points not held in a voucher will be expired on November 1, 2018. All unredeemed points will be expired for all Members on December 31, 2018.

Points expire seven (7) years from the time of issue (date of earning transaction) or after thirteen (13) months of account inactivity, except where prohibited by law. Account inactivity is defined as a lack of qualifying earning transactions at participating Hyundai Rewards dealerships, earning transactions for shopping online through the Mall, earning through Hyundai Motor America promotions, or no redemption of Points. Points may also be issued with limited-time expiration dates that are less than thirteen (13) months and expire on the date indicated on the communication regardless of account activity. Member Point balances and/or transactions may be adjusted positively or negatively by Hyundai Motor America at any time for any reason. Members do not own or have any claim to Points earned through the Program. A Member account can be terminated by Hyundai Motor America at any time and for any reason. Members agree and understand that any benefits or Points will be immediately forfeited when an account is terminated or when the Program is terminated. Members agree to participate and engage with the Hyundai Rewards program in accordance to the Terms & Conditions outlaid herein. Any Members interacting with the program in violation of these rules and / or attempting to defraud the Program is subject to immediate account termination, forfeiture of Points, and removal of future membership eligibility without notice.

A Member may cancel, opt-out, or un-enroll from the Program at any time by calling Hyundai Motor America at (800) 633-5151 or performing this action by going online to and clicking on the Rewards link under the CARING FOR YOUR CAR footer. Any Program and Member benefits and Points will be immediately terminated and forfeited at the time of cancellation.

Change in Dealer Status
If a dealer goes out of business, is sold, or if the dealer un-enrolls from Hyundai Rewards, the dealer service points earned by members at that dealer will be redeemable at any participating dealer. In the event of a dealership closure or sale, the dealer may also, in their sole discretion, choose to honor the Points of the previous dealer. In such a case, dealer-earned Points would still be limited to redemption at that specific dealer.

Marketing Communications
By becoming a Member in the Program, Members agree to receive marketing communications and advertising from Hyundai Motor America and the participating Dealer. These communications may be distributed via direct mail, print, or email.

A Member may unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving marketing communications about the Program and other Hyundai services at any time. This opt-out will be effective within 10 days. If a Member opts-out from marketing communications, they may continue to receive Program-related transactional and administrative communications for items such as account statements. For email, users may opt-out at any time by using the unsubscribe component within the email or in the Preferences Center found on The unsubscribe component allows website users to manage their subscription preferences to email alerts and special offers. Notwithstanding the above, this component does not allow a user to opt-out of receiving transactional email, such as registration confirmation, vehicle updates and responses to direct requests.

For calls or direct mail, Members may opt out at or by calling (800) 633-5151.

Members also may write to Hyundai directly if they wish to: (a) update or delete contact information; (b) ask that we not share personal information with third parties; (c) opt-out or request that Hyundai cease sending promotional or other information via mail or email; or (d) address any other question or concern. Such written requests should be sent to Hyundai Motor America, Attn: Consumer Affairs Department, 10550 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, California 92708; or P.O. Box 20950, Fountain Valley, California 92728-0850. In those instances, Hyundai will retain your information in a “do not promote” file in the database, and the Member will receive no further communications from us as required by law.

Hyundai Motor America is committed to protecting Member information and privacy; the information provided to the Program will be managed in accordance with Hyundai Motor America’s Privacy Policy. To read the Privacy Policy, please visit Member participation in the Program is subject to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions described herein.

Program Updates
The Hyundai Rewards Program Terms and Conditions described herein are updated and effective as of September 28, 2018. Hyundai Motor America reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel the program at any time and without advance notice to Members. These modifications may include, but are not limited to, program structure, earnings components, earnings amounts, value of Points, participating merchants, account functionality. Any and all changes to the Program terms and conditions are considered effective immediately and are binding upon all Members immediately. For current Program terms and conditions, go online to The Program will be considered to be terminated when notice is posted on the Hyundai Owner Portal. To get to the site, go online to Points are not eligible to be earned or redeemed after the date of Program termination.

Hyundai Motor America and the participating Dealers assume no liability for Member interaction or participation in the Program that is contrary to the regulations and laws of the Member’s state of residence.

Hyundai and Hyundai Motor America are trademarks of the Hyundai Motor Company. All rights reserved.

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