Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

What is Hyundai Rewards?

Hyundai Rewards is the free rewards program that helps current and future Hyundai owners save money towards their next purchase / lease of a Hyundai or service to their existing Hyundai by earning cash back for everyday online purchases and vehicle service at a participating dealer.

Where can I find Hyundai Rewards Program Rules?

You can view the Hyundai Rewards Program Rules here.

What is the Hyundai Rewards Mall?

The Hyundai Rewards Mall is an online shopping portal where members can access hundreds of name-brand merchants (including Walmart, Groupon, Sears, Best Buy, Expedia, Macy’s, and many more!).

Is there paperwork or membership cards that I need to remember?

No, simply shop online through the Hyundai Rewards Mall or visit a participating dealer with an enrolled Hyundai vehicle and your Points will be credited automatically!

How much does it cost to enroll in Hyundai Rewards?

Membership is free! It's our way of saying thank you for being a valued customer and taking care of your vehicle.

How much are Points worth?

One Point is equal to $.01 USD in the program. Points cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.

How do I view or change my account information?

Go to the My Rewards Account page on Hyundai Rewards and click on "Edit My Information". Once there simply make your changes, click save, and you are all set.

Where do I find my Points balance?

You find your Points balance by visiting the Hyundai Rewards website. The member Homepage displays current Point balance, while the Transactions page shows the detailed history of your earnings and redemptions.

Where can I redeem my Points?

You can redeem your Points at any of over 800 Hyundai dealers and we are always adding more! Be sure to check the Participating Dealers page to find a dealer near you.

Can I access my Rewards account using my smartphone?

Yes, you can check your Points balance and account information on your smartphone by visiting and accessing your Rewards account as you normally would. The Rewards site is fully-optimized for mobile so you can shop online, view and create vouchers, find participating dealers, and manage your account.

Do Points expire?

Points expire 7 years from the time of issue (date of earning transaction) or after 13 months of account inactivity, except where prohibited by law. Account inactivity is defined as a lack of qualifying earning transactions at participating Hyundai Rewards dealerships, earning transactions for shopping online through the Mall, earning through Hyundai Motor America promotions, or no redemption of Points.

How do I cancel my Hyundai Rewards Membership?

You may opt-out of communications or close your account and un-enroll from Hyundai Rewards at any time by visiting the My Rewards Account page. You can also call Hyundai Motor America at (800) 633-5151.

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Enrolling In The Program

How do I become a member of Hyundai Rewards?

If you’re already a member, just log in to your account, click on the Rewards link, and enroll in Hyundai Rewards. If you’re not a member, register for free now at or Then, click on the Rewards link and enroll in Hyundai Rewards.

Who is eligible to enroll in Hyundai Rewards?

Residents of the United States and 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate in Hyundai Rewards.

Can multiple people in my household enroll?

Yes. Anyone can create an account to shop and earn Points for their online transactions as long as they are 18 years of age or older. Individual Hyundai vehicles can only be assigned to one person at a time.

Do I need to own a Hyundai to enroll in Hyundai Rewards?

No. You can enroll in Hyundai Rewards without owning a Hyundai and earn Points by shopping on the Online Mall.

Can I enroll other vehicles besides a Hyundai?

No. Only Hyundai vehicles can be enrolled in the program. Your enrolled Hyundai can be new or pre-owned. Only Hyundai vehicles can earn Points at participating Hyundai dealerships.

How many vehicles can I enroll?

A member may have up 4 Hyundai vehicles enrolled at one time. Hyundai Rewards will enroll your first four vehicles for you! If you have more than 4 vehicles, go to the My Account Page on Hyundai Rewards to select the vehicles you would like to enroll in the program.

Can I change the vehicles that I enroll?

Yes. Members are free to change their current enrolled vehicles at any point by making changes to their account online. Just go to the My Account Page on Hyundai Rewards to select the vehicles you would like to enroll in the program.

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Earning And Redeeming

How do I earn Points with Hyundai Rewards?

Points can be earned multiple ways. You can earn Points by servicing your enrolled Hyundai vehicle at a participating dealership. Another way to earn Points is by shopping online at the Hyundai Rewards Online Mall that includes hundreds of name-brand merchants!

How much can I earn with Hyundai Rewards?

You can earn 5% by servicing your Hyundai vehicle at a participating dealership for qualified service up to 10,000 points per transaction. Dealers or Hyundai Motor America may also issue limited-time promotional points for specific services or interactions with the program. You can also earn up to 5% or more when you shop through the Hyundai Rewards Online Mall. Rates vary by merchant and there are always great promotions, so be sure to check back often.

Is there a maximum number of Points I can earn with Hyundai Rewards?

No. There is no maximum amount of Points that a member can accrue over time.

Can I earn Points from different participating Hyundai dealerships?

Yes, you can. Members can earn Points for service of any enrolled vehicle at any participating dealer. Those Points are only valid for redemption at that particular dealer.

How much will I earn when I shop on the Mall?

The amount of Points earned varies by and are set by the individual Mall merchant and may change over time. Points are based on net purchase price, generally excluding taxes, shipping and handling, as well as special services such as gift wrapping.

How long does it take to see my earned Points in my account?

Points earned from the Hyundai Rewards Mall are typically processed within 72 hours, but may take up to 60 days or more depending on the type of transaction. Points earned from a participating Hyundai dealership are typically processed within 7 days, but may take up 60 days to process.

Can I earn Points for online purchases without shopping through the Mall?

No. You must access merchants through the Mall to earn Points.

Can I earn Points for having warranty or recall work done on my Hyundai?

No. Only the portion of service visits that a customer pays for at a participating Hyundai dealer will earn Points.

Can I earn Points when I purchase or lease a new vehicle?

No. Members will not earn Points for vehicle purchases / leases, down payments, lease payments, and other such instances outside of the service visit.

What can I redeem Points for?

You can redeem your Points towards a new Hyundai purchase or for service at a participating Hyundai dealership.

Can Points be redeemed for service on any Hyundai model (including older models)?

Yes. Points can be redeemed for service on any Hyundai model and model year.

How do I redeem my Points?

You simply visit the Hyundai Rewards site and create a Voucher, which can be used for a discount off of a service visit or new vehicle purchase / lease at a participating dealer. Visit the Participating Dealers page for the most current list.

Where can I redeem my Points?

You can redeem your Points at any of over 800 Hyundai dealers and we are always adding more! Be sure to check the Participating Dealers page to find a dealer near you.

Can Points be redeemed for cash?

No, Points have no cash value.

Can I buy additional Points?

No. You can only earn Points by taking your Hyundai vehicle in for service at a participating dealer, through shopping through the Online Mall, or through other Hyundai Motor America-sponsored promotions.

What happens if I return an item purchased through the Online Mall?

Any returned, voided, or cancelled transactions made through the Mall on a merchant site will result in Points being removed from your account.

What happens if my service transaction changes?

Any adjustments to your transaction made by the dealer or Hyundai Motor America may affect your Reward Points balance either positively or negatively depending on the adjustment.

Can my reward Points ever be taken away from me?

Hyundai Motor America has the right, to revoke any members’ Points if it feels they were earned in a fashion that is not consistent with the Hyundai Rewards Program Rules. Hyundai Motor America also has the right to change the rules at their discretion.

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